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New Kitchens and Kitchen Renovations - Auckland South

Your amazing new kitchen reality begins very simply, by scheduling a chat and planning session with us. Be sure to take advantage of our free consultation and ask about our full range of services. Whether you’re looking for a brand spanking new kitchen, or to renovate your existing one, we are here to take care of your kitchen project and ensure that the finished space is exactly what you imagined.

Jason and Louise Quertier
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Dream Doors Affordable Kitchen Renovations

Ask us about our Amazing kitchen Facelift process and how it can save you thousands! Very often, the foundation of an existing kitchen and a lot of its' components can be reused, such as the structural work and cabinet framing, flooring and appliances. This means that you can still get the incredible look of a new kitchen, by only replacing the visual features of your existing one, such as benchtops, drawers, and door fronts. The amount we replace is entirely up to you, and the extent of wear and tear to the existing materials. Dream Doors provide a flexible service to fit your budget by replacing as little, or as much as you like. Whats more, we can even make amendments to the layout and fit new storage space and we provide fantastic ten year warranties on everything we install.

Fully Customisable New Kitchens

If you have decided to treat your home to a brand new kitchen, then congratulations! Besides from adding fantastic resale value to your house, you will also thoroughly enjoy the pleasure of working in a beautiful space fully tailored to your needs – for many years to come.
We are extremely passionate about providing clients with the best solutions for their kitchen project, we can assist with the magnificent range of options available and show you computer generated illustrations of your plans, tweaking endlessly until you are happy with the final product.

Delighting clients is what we really strive for:

“This is a really enjoyable business. You are dealing with nice people and providing a product that makes a real difference to their homes. Quite often they are expecting to have to spend tens of thousands of dollars, and when they find out we can do the job for half the cost, they’re shocked and delighted. At the same time, the buying power of Dream Doors means we can offer fantastic value to our customers.”

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