Green laminate benchtop and beige cabinetry updated to a sleek white look with black accents, a tiled, white backsplash and a white, marble benchtop.
Blue kitchen updated to a sleek black look, featuring a statement beach-imagery backsplash.
Muted, green benchtop, old-fashioned tiled backsplash and shaker-style cabinetry updated to a modern, black and white finish, with a black, textured backsplash.
Cluttered, beige kitchen with brown, laminate benchtop updated to a bright, white look with a white, marbled benchtop.
Cramped, dark kitchen updated to a modern, open and light space through elongating the bench and removing the peninsula, as well as pairing two shades of wood with the crisp white.
Laminate blue and off-white kitchen updated to a contemporary, all-white look with handleless cabinets and the removal of the higher bar level creating a streamlined look.
Dated, blue and brown corner kitchen with an additional, bar level to the bench peninsula, updated with a natural-looking white, grey and black look, heightened by wood features.
Harsh, black & white kitchen updated to a cohesive, bright and open space, featuring a marbled, grey benchtop and white doors and drawers.
Olive green kitchen with mismatched shelving creating a cluttered look, updated to an organised and elegant, crisp, white look with the addition of new storage solutions.
Faded, yellow cabinetry giving a tired feel to the kitchen, updated to a beautiful glossy finish on the bright, white cabinetry and backsplash, as well as the charcoal peninsula backing.
Retro, brown and beige kitchen with unique handles, updated to modern elegance through a glossy black benchtop, as well as stainless steel & white making up the rest of the room.
Plain, white kitchen with minimal storage transformed to a fresh, serene space featuring a glossy blue backsplash and increased functionality through new storage solutions.
Tired beige kitchen updated with cool, pale grey doors and drawers, a white, tiled backsplash and a subtle marble benchtop tying the look together.
Unwelcoming green and black kitchen, updated to a show-stopping white room focused around the waterfall bench with a patterned, black tile backsplash and black accents.
Discordant mismatch of colours, including navy, black, grey and wood panelling updated to a crisp grey & white kitchen, with the new benchtop seamlessly pairing with the backsplash.
Outdated, beige doors & drawers and laminate benchtop, updated to a bright, white & wood kitchen, with a full-wall, white, tiled backsplash.

Kitchen Before & Afters

While no two kitchens are the same, the outstanding results of a Dream Doors Kitchens project is always consistent. We invest the time to work out exactly what you want your dream kitchen to look like.

Here are some examples of how our customers have created their new look kitchens with our kitchen renovation or refacing process.

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