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We take pride in providing beautiful highly-tailored design and quality manufacturing, with top end customer-service and aftercare. Our vast array of materials feature customisable solutions, colour options, and a large variety of finishes to choose from. When you choose a Dream Doors Kitchen, you will be welcomed by our highly trained and experienced kitchen professionals, who are passionate in helping home owners discover their unique style, while also offering exceptional quality and value.

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New Kitchen Costs

We understand that almost everyone has a budget, and wants transparent costing upfront. We provide fully transparent quotes on your designs, so there are no hidden surprises. We deliver new kitchens and we refurbish existing kitchens, our designs are flexible, meaning that we can plan, design and install a kitchen to suit any budget.

Our kitchen design section below more about the choices you have and will give a clear indication of how costs are calculated and what to consider when thinking about kitchen planning and design.

New Kitchen Design

The kitchen design process may appear daunting, but our kitchen designers will guide you through each step from inception to completion. Our experienced and professional team are available on the phone, in store or to meet in your home for a free consultation. Once we have grasped your vision, then we can accurately measure, plan and manage the entire project for you, ensuring an enjoyable project that runs smoothly, and efficiently.

Below is a list of some steps involved in the kitchen design process:



Firstly, we need to calculate the dimensions of your kitchen space. Then we can draw an accurate floor plan, taking note of existing gas and power outlets if any.



You probably already have an approximate budget in mind, well before you pick up the phone and that’s great. We offer a vast range of quality materials and appliances to give you freedom and flexibility in planning the kitchen of your dreams.

It is worthwhile considering what tasks and activities will be carried out in your kitchen, outside of cooking. These days kitchens are magnificent multi-functional spaces. We recommend writing a list of all the different ways you plan to use your kitchen space, then we can begin to create the smartest kitchen to best suit your needs. Its also really nice to consider, the added value a quality kitchen will add to your home.



This is the fun part! Kitchens come in thousands of styles. Take some time to make a scrapbook of your favourite ideas, or perhaps use the Houzz website. Getting clear what character you want will really help our designer create the best kitchen to reflect your vision. Don’t forget the details, think about taps, lighting, cabinetry and benchtops as well as colours and textures. We can show you lots of examples too.


Kitchen Uses

Design isn’t just about aesthetics, we must also engineer perfect functionality. We are very experienced at kitchen design and we will go through your final draft, pointing out any areas we think can be improved. When creating your kitchen vision, here are some questions to consider.

  • How many cooks are in the household?
  • What types of cooking do you enjoy? I.e. Stove top, oven, microwave, baking, or all out pasta making?!
  • What is the main use of the kitchen outside of cooking? Is it area for socialising, or somewhere to escape and relax?

Food Preparation
How will you prepare food? How much space will you need? Islands are a popular choice. If your kitchen is large enough to accommodate an island, we highly recommend you designate this the preparation area, they facilitate social interaction beautifully, keeping open dialogue between the cook and guests.

Where will you do the majority of eating? Some are very sure they want separate dining areas, while others like to dine in the kitchen. Breakfast bars are extremely popular options for open plan design. They provide casual seating space, great for snacking and hosting drinks with friends and family.

Benchtops & Baking
Too often, we hear cries for more benchtop space. It’s amazing what goes on there! Be sure to accommodate bench space for all your needs, including, appliances and frequently used items.

Positioning of Appliances
You may have heard of the magic triangle. A perfect positioning method for your stove, refrigerator and sink and for good reason! Its also worthwhile taking your time to think about placement of kettle, toaster, microwave and pots and pans, along with spice racks and utensils.

This is where the sink and dishwasher come into play, as well as waste disposal, recycling and composting.

Storage and Organisation
The aim is to keep a tidy kitchen with minimal fuss. New technology and creative space design means that kitchens are getting smarter about storage solutions without compromising style. Even the smallest of kitchens can hold a surprising amount of storage, we can show you options to suit.

Lighting & Flooring
It is important to get lighting right, think about your windows and the natural sunlight flow. You will want to brighten up the darker areas of the room, as well as provide adequate light for cooking zones. Ask us about energy saving lighting options.


Colours & Textures

The best advice we can give here is to think about your kitchen through time. Classic styles never date but bold and different can be striking too. Invest care and thought, considering the future of the property too. Remember also that shades and textures can influence the perception of your kitchen size: light and neutral colours make an area look bigger. Dark and bold colours make an area feel smaller. Your Dream Doors designer will be able to help you with this.


Time Frame

Do you have an important date in mind? Notify us of any deadlines. This is so we can ensure that everything is manufactured and installed and ahead of the event.

New Kitchen Ideas

Now that you have an understanding of what’s involved in kitchen design. lets get creating!

Work through the list above and note down any extra features or functions you would like. If you are struggling getting started, our team at is always on top of the latest ideas, styles and new kitchen technology. Kitchen designing is our passion, we embrace the chance to hear your visions and the process of making your masterpiece a reality. Give us a call, visit our showroom, or browse through our gallery to check out the latest trends and inspiration!

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