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Environmentally friendly renovations

With the immense pressure being placed on our planet, we all have a responsibility to reduce our individual impact on ‘Mother Earth’. Dream Doors Kitchens was founded out of the concept of providing a sustainable alternative to kitchen remodels. We now also replace and remodel Bedrooms, Bathrooms and Laundry cabinetry, using exactly the same methods.

Unlike traditional kitchen renovations where perfectly good cabinetry is often thrown out, the Dream Doors refacing service allows functional cabinetry to be left in place while doors and drawers are replaced, giving you the look and feel of a new kitchen while minimising the waste. Not only does this approach save you money and time, it is also a step towards saving our precious planet.

Waste minimisation is not our only sustainable initiative, we are also committed to using high quality, locally sourced Eco-friendly materials (where we can) for all our renovation projects, and then disposing of any unusable waste in an environmentally friendly manner.

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