Kitchen Storage Solutions

Innovative Kitchen Storage Solutions

Dream Doors offers many innovative kitchen storage solutions including wire basket storage, timber kitchen products, worktop storage cabinets drawer systems, cutlery trays, drawer accessories, drawer inserts (in stainless steel), glass holders, pantry units and wine racks. We also offer a range of safety and storage products that do not compromise the design of today’s modern kitchen. The cook top area protectors keep children away from hot surfaces, while the under sink storage with lock, keeps dangerous cleaning agents out of reach.

Here are just a few examples of our massive storage range available to you:


Pantry Units

Kitchen pantry units with a load capacity of up to 100Kg, which includes full extension bottom and top runner, height adjustable frame, door rails, front panel brackets and internal Soft Stop dampener with five chrome baskets.


Magic Corner Units

Magic corner units are available, where the door slides out and swivels to reveal the content within. Items from the back of the cupboard are now easily accessible. See every item in your kitchen cabinet and find exactly what you are looking for! This European design is ideal for left and right hand cupboards and glides effortlessly when opening or closing.


Revolving Corner Cabinets

Revolving corner cabinet shelves that allow the kitchen user a variety of choices and feature anti-slip bases, which help to stop pots and pans from moving when the shelves are rotated. Featuring a fully contoured back, which prevents items from falling and jamming the mechanism.

Huge Range for New and Renovated Kitchens

There are quite literally hundreds of different wirework/cabinet storage solutions available from many different suppliers from all over the world. Dream Doors can source from any of these suppliers giving you a huge design choice for your new dream kitchen! We can also usually retro fit a wide range of kitchen storage products in to an existing kitchen that is being remodeled. Many people ask us for new bins and or bin units because this area of the kitchen tends to be well used. Whatever your project, large or small, Dream Doors can usually come up with an answer that is both practical and cost effective.

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