Kitchen Lighting

Huge Range of Lighting Choices

We have a wide range of kitchen lighting solutions to suit every taste. From spotlights, fluorescent, halogen, interior cabinet, spotlights, LED strip light options and even LED with multi-coloured functions. Your Dream Doors representative will be able to advise you on the most suitable style and colour requirements we can even illuminate glass for that one off centre piece attraction.

There’s a huge range of lighting options for your kitchen. Contact your nearest Dream Doors franchise today.

Creating Ambience

With the current influence of the economy as well as ongoing environmental concerns, living space and work space are now integrated into the home more than ever before. People are becoming increasingly aware that they can express themselves or create character through carefully planned home design.

With the integration of living space and work space it is the quality and the technology of light that can change the ambience in one room. Creating a versatile work space and later on – a cosy bedroom or bathroom.

Interior lighting concepts play a key role; it dictates the mood and ambience of a room and thereby determines the quality of the overall spacial design. Additional lights in cabinets, compartments and suspended ceilings can enhance and supplement the light from traditional wall and ceiling light fixtures with great effect.

The planning of light in furniture and furnishings puts a multitude of demands on architects, designers, electricians, contractors, finishers and developers.

As you will see from our section of modern lighting and light technology today offers a wealth of opportunities to deploy lights in a multitude of ways. The practical, aesthetic and emotional aspects ensure that the proposed concepts contribute to unique and flexible room design; in residential, commercial, office and display settings as well as in hotels and retirement homes.

Light in Furniture

Light within furniture expands the possibilities of permanently installed light sources to create opportunities for personal expression. The result lends itself to individuality and flexibility for the residents. Due to state-of-the-art technologies such as plug and play and low voltage lighting, such systems are now easier than ever to install and use.

Light Technology

Includes all technical measures to influence the overall lighting effects. It is the technical standard in the planning of lighting.

Light Effects

Describes the interaction of light with colours and materials and how it is perceived. Key in this relationship is the emotional effect of the light.

Light Impressions

This is the personal interpretation and recognition of light in a setting. It is primarily focused on the individual’s perceptions of light.

Light Bulbs

By definition, this includes all electrical equipment that generates light. In the context of light there are four types that apply: fluorescent, halogen, energy saving bulbs and LED’s.


Fluorescent Tube

Fluorescent tubes and compact fluorescent tubes on cold cathode are filled with glowing gasses and the interior of the glass tube is coated with fluorescent materials. Both types function in a similar manner and require a starter or ballast (low-loss ballast – electronic ballast). In the smaller compact fluorescent tube the starter and the ballast are typically integrated.


Energy Saving

Energy saving bulbs are similar in size to incandescent light bulbs but use significantly less energy to generate the same amount of light. However, they are not dimmable and do not achieve the same quality of light as halogen or traditional light bulbs. Usually, compact fluorescent tubes are described as energy saving lamps.



The differentiation between halogen bulbs is in the operating voltage of a normal high voltage version and the low voltage version that requires a transformer. In addition there are halogen light bulbs and metal vapour lamps. Halogen bulbs develop high temperatures, but there is no other bulb that achieves the outstanding light qualities of the halogen bulb.



LED (Light Emitting Diodes) down lights mounted under cabinets ensure that light shines directly down onto the benchtop without creating shadows. LED lights are a solid state device that do not require the heating of a filament. Electricity is passed through a chemical compound that generates light and signifies a cool operating temperature in the new kitchen. LED lights have a long lamp life of 40,000 hours on average and are therefore low cost and low maintenance.

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