Eco Friendly Kitchen Door Swaps

Help the Environment

Why getting a kitchen facelift is a small change that makes a huge impact on preserving our delicate surroundings.

Eco friendly kitchen door swaps help save the environment

Getting a kitchen facelift is an option that more and more people are considering. When the Dream Doors concept was launched in the year 2000 in the UK the now Managing Director of Dream Doors NZ had no idea how much of an impact his product would have on the environment.

Did You Know?

When most kitchens and doors come to the end of their functional life, they are discarded and usually end up in a landfill site. This is a tremendous waste, as most of the kitchen is made up of the white kitchen units or carcass material and more often than not these units are still in good working order. By simply re-facing the kitchen doors, drawers and panels you get a completely functional kitchen again, whilst saving on average 75% of the materials. Now that is making an impact!

Small changes make a massive impact on preserving our delicate surroundings. Dream Doors works with environmental consultants in NZ to ensure that the new products we bring to the marketplace are durable and aesthetically pleasing, but just as importantly, they are also environmentally friendly.

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