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Kitchen Renovations - Pukekohe - Coromandel

We deliver outstanding kitchen Renovations to Pukekohe, Coromandel and nationwide within New Zealand. We know how important honest and reliable customer service is and we pride ourselves on taking care of you through each step of the process. Contact us now for an obligation-free kitchen renovation quote and measure.

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Kitchen Renovation Costs

Anyone in the world of home improvement will tell you that a kitchen renovation is one of the best investments you can make. First, any money spent on a kitchen renovation is money you can expect to see back in higher resale values. Second, the emotional and social benefits to your lifestyle and family are hugely rewarding. So, even if you are renovating for emotional or social reasons, its nice to know its a good investment too.

The average cost for a kitchen renovation depends on many factors – including the size of the kitchen, the materials chosen, and of course the scope of what you do. Typically though, people spend between $3k to $12k on a renovation, and 2-3 times that on a new kitchen. Our fantastic buying power enables us to provide you with such good value, so why not give us a call, arrange a home visit, and see what we have to offer. We will provide a detailed quote for you to consider and of course also provide references so you can check on our past work.

Kitchen Renovation Design

Every kitchen is unique, and your renovation project is exactly that – your project. Creating the best design for your you, within your budget, is our ultimate goal. So how do we begin? How do homeowners and kitchen designers work together?

A good place to start is to answer the question: Why does a kitchen renovation seem like a good idea? The answer will give us direction to the project. For example, it could be that a lack of storage space, not enough benchtop area, ageing appliances and/or tired-looking floors and cabinets – all calling for fresh kitchen design and style.

Another popular reason for kitchen renovation is preparing the house for sale, especially because a ‘new’ kitchen looks attractive to potential buyers and promise a good return on investment. Other reasons could be more personal, such as opening up the layout to achieve a more social atmosphere or, freer interaction with guests while cooking.. perhaps you’d like a breakfast bar to help keep an eye on the kids at breakfast time – All these help shape the design which becomes the “plan”.

After we have the purpose clear, we can design the kitchen and produce a quote. This allows you to see the price of various things and add and remove items to meet your budget. People are often very surprised at how cost effective a kitchen renovation is compared to throwing everything out and installing an entirely new kitchen.

Kitchen Renovation Ideas

From cool and contemporary, to the rustic and utilitarian, there are so many gorgeous kitchen ideas to inspire you. We have tons of top tips, trending advice and creative, innovative ideas that can transform your kitchen into a beautiful space to be proud of. Why not give us a call to arrange one of our designers visit your home for a no obligation design consultation.

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