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Dream Doors, Your Kitchen Professionals

The Dream Doors business format has evolved. Derek Lilly the worldwide co-founder of the Dream Doors brand has been instrumental in developing a new business format for the Franchisee and the new Agents alike. Working with his network of Franchisees they have developed a new way of doing business within Dream Doors.

The Franchise Option

There are two business paths to follow now within the Dream Doors business brand, the Franchisee holds the rights to their own Franchise territory, this gives the Franchisee the right to develop the business with the Franchisor in their territory along with recruiting Agents, who are under contract to the Franchisee at a local level.
There are no limits to the amount of Agents the Franchisee can recruit, thus the Franchisee can develop a large localized sales team at a very low cost. The Agents can then use the Dream Doors Trade Marks and can advertize their services in the local area by a variety of Head Office approved marketing methods, again at no cost to the Franchisee. The income potential for the Franchisee has considerably increased because of the time duplication factor.

Sales Agent Option

The Agency option allows professionally qualified people become an Agent of Dream Doors (NZ) Ltd or to be an Agent with an existing local Franchisee. This is revolutionary within the Dream Doors brand as traditionally only Franchisees have been allowed to use the company IP and know how. The Agent may want to work full time or part time in the business, which is fine either way as the Agent is paid on his or her results.

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