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Emerging or Established – Which Franchise is Right for You?

You might say that franchising is in my blood. For the past 20+ years, I have developed the Dream Doors brand on three continents. So, when someone’s asking my advice about becoming a franchisee, one of the questions I get asked a lot is – “Is it better to buy a franchise from a large, established brand or am I better off getting in on the ground floor with a new brand?”


Naturally there are pros and cons to each option. Established brands have all the latest tools for marketing and selling the product and usually a well thought out support system for franchisees. Consumers will already know what you’re selling, what you stand for and you’ll have less of an uphill battle with marketing. With strong brand awareness, you’re not usually taking much of a risk if you can afford the franchise. The downside is that sometimes the brand isn’t available in your chosen territory, or there may be stiffer than usual royalties or marketing fees.


Going with a new brand, called an ‘emerging’ brand in the franchise industry, means you’ll take on more of the job of teaching consumers what you’re all about. And while the fees are usually more affordable, your franchisor likely doesn’t have all of the wrinkles ironed out. You may have to help create some of the systems as your business grows and the need arises.


Our vision of the 18 year established Dream Doors Franchise from the UK, New Zealand and Australia has just entered the USA market. With over 120+ international Franchise units under the Dream Doors brand, they're way past the emerging phase. They’ve already honed the all-important training and support systems needed to onboard and ramp up franchisee success. All new Franchisees will benefit from the 20+ years of success and their proprietary marketing and award winning Franchise Management System (FMS).


Derek Lilly, CEO and Founder says, “We know what it takes to grow a strong franchise in our industry and now we’re leveraging that success on three continents. We’ll be building off the success of every franchise we award, so that means we’re going to do everything possible to see our franchisees succeed.” As Dream Doors continues to gain momentum, the brand will become even more established, and all franchisees, present and future, will benefit from that success.

By Derek Lilly worldwide brand co-founder. 

So as you’re considering buying a Franchise, I suggest take a real close look at this option –The International Award Winning Franchise System that is Dream Doors!
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