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Franchise Opportunities available at Dream Doors

Trusted brand, great product, and excellent systems give franchisees big advantage!

Each year thousands of homeowners throughout New Zealand and Australia build new houses and renovate kitchens. This ever increasing demand for new kitchens and kitchen renovation brings fabulous growth opportunity and success for our franchise owners. If you are interested in owning your own Dream Doors franchise, your timing couldn’t be better! We are in the process of expanding globally. NZ franchisees have first owned one franchise, then purchased multiple regions, and some have gone on to purchase country masters. All of these options are open now. Please use the form opposite to enquire.

Why Buy a Dream Doors Franchise Business?

There are Dream Doors franchise outlets in the NZ, AUS and the UK, and we will shortly be expanding into the USA. Our product offering and systems directly address a strong and growing customer demand and are positioned at an excellent price point. We mainly help people renovate existing kitchens, but we also supply entirely new kitchens. Our renovation service saves them thousands compared to an entirely new kitchen, and by replacing benchtops, doors, drawers, etc the end kitchen looks fabulous and all those items come with extended warranties.

Dream Doors franchisees make an ideal family business, and if you are more entrepreneurially minded you can expand to own multiple regions or state or even country master franchise areas. Key things to know:

  • No kitchen franchise experience necessary
  • One to One training is provided
  • Ongoing guidance and support
  • You will meet and talk with other franchisees to learn how they work
  • We take a lot of care to promote and protect our brand
  • We always try to do the right thing. This is a successful business built on good principals and values
  • We do not charge a percentage of income, but instead a simple fixed monthly Franchise Fee. If you work hard and create more success, you get to keep all of that.

Why Buy a Franchise - Enter the game at a higher level - Primed for success

We provide a full business format franchise package with extended training, support structure and a marketing launch to maximise lead flow and exposure.

  • Comprehensive head office training programme with ongoing hand-holding
  • Communication, Guidance and Feedback from other franchisees at conference etc
  • National and local suppliers assist you and provide products
  • If you need we can help you select contractors or employees to help instal
  • Help with on-site launch programme and Franchise recruitment
  • National advertising & localised lead generation (where applicable)
  • Internet marketing intelligence
  • A vast range of doors and Joinery suppliers with samples
  • State of the art 3D design software package
  • Corporate uniforms, stationery & detailed Operations and Sales Manual
  • Full video and sales training program using footage from successful Franchisees
  • A bespoke Franchise Management System written for the Dream Doors business, including marketing and sales tracking, appointment and installation management and finance / accounting systems
  • Licensing rights to operate under the Dream Doors identity

Industry Testimonials

Professor Roy Seaman, CFE FInstD.
Founder & Chairman, Franchise Development Services Ltd.,
Publisher of The Franchise Magazine (UK), European Franchising and Franchise International:

“Franchise Development Services has worked with Derek Lilly since the beginning of Dream Doors in the United Kingdom and immediately recognised his clear vision, dedication and leadership.

“Franchise Owners with Dream Doors (NZ) will quickly benefit from the “Franchise Frameworks for Success” that are in place to help ensure that all the knowledge from the past is used to fast track everyone to their highest potential of delivering quality Dream Door products and services to new customers”

“Derek Lilly is a “Man with a Mission and Purpose in Life”. Derek’s mission in life is to make Dream Doors the McDonalds brand of the Kitchen industry. With current goals to establish 100 locations within the next 5 years in Australia and New Zealand, then to move onto the USA and Canada and have 1000 locations by 2020.”

“Combined with his steadfast purpose to genuinely help other people to succeed in life, there will be many opportunities for new Dream Door franchise owners to comfortably invest their time, effort and money and be well rewarded in the future”


Sarah Pilcher, LLB;DipBus;MComLaw
The Franchise Lawyer:

To Whom It May Concern

“Apart from a short break when I changed law firms, I have been Dream Doors’ lawyer since Derek Lilly launched the concept in New Zealand in 2007.

“I have worked closely with Derek over the years on many different projects, from writing the first New Zealand franchise documents, dealing with all general franchise matters, working on the structure and launch of the Australian operation and most recently assisting with the venture into American and Canada.”

“The Dream Doors group is growing and evolving and I enjoy being on this journey with them. Derek Lilly is a loyal client who provides quality work (and better still always pays my invoices before the due date!)”

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