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Acrylic Benchtops

Acrylic benchtops have been around for over 30 years and have been regularly used in commercial applications. Now this high quality surface has become popular in residential homes. The most attractive feature of Acrylic is the ability to join pieces together seamlessly, providing the appearance that your work surface is carved from one solid piece.

Another outstanding feature of Acrylic is that is can be repaired easily if accidentally damaged and is completely renewable, ensuring Acrylic benchtops are “Tops for Life”.

Main features of Dream Doors Acrylic benchtops. 100% Acrylic and easy to install and to fabricate. The main noticeable difference between Acrylic and Granite benchtops are the seamless joins that are almost invisible to the naked eye. Acrylic is also hygienic, easily repairable and non-porous. The Acrylic material is also warm to the touch unlike solid stone benchtops which tend to be cold to the touch. Another benefit of Acrylic benchtops is that if you knock an item of crockery or glassware against it it does not tend to break or shatter the item.

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