New Kitchens

Dream Doors both renovates kitchens and installs entirely new kitchens.  If your kitchen units are in reasonable order, and you wish the layout to stay about the same, then our kitchen renovation service might be right for you.  It allows you to select new drawer fronts, door fronts, internal storage options, and new benchtops, sinks, hobs etc.  If however you are looking to redesign the layout of the kitchen in a substantial way, then we can design and install an entirely new kitchen.

If you are uncertain which service you need, then please use the enquiry form on the right, and we will arrange to come and visit and discuss the various options.  We can bring various samples of doors, drawers, benchtops etc to your home so you can see them in place.  We can typically also provide an outline quote when we visit so you can discuss what can be included depending on your budget.

If you would like to choose doors and benchtops before enquiring, then click here Kitchen Doors & Benchtops »

Initial Sketches

Dream Doors can hold your hand every step of the way from the initial sketches, right through to 10 years of warranty support.  You are welcome to prepare your own drawings, but don’t worry if you aren’t the drawing type, we can do that for you.  We have our own 3D kitchen design software, and access to a huge range of products for you to choose from.

New Kitchen Design Ideas

If you like to collect pictures from the internet, or from magazines, then by all means do.  That can help guide us in the designs and styles you like.  At the same time we can lead you on this if you prefer.

Measure the room

Once we have an idea about the layout, and your design ideas, its time to measure up.  We need to make careful measurements so we know the layout of the room.  We will also record the position and size of all doors and locations of windows (including their height from the floor). We will of course also note the position of other “fixed” items such as radiators, sockets and switches, gas supply and waste location, unless of course, you are happy for us to relocate those too.

Design Considerations

The space available, your budget, your design preferences, the functional things you need, and important considerations that experience has taught us make for a great kitchen are all things we will consider when planning a design.  We have a range of catalogues and samples for you to see and choose from too, which we will incorporate in the design layout.

Design Layout

The next step in the design process is to layout the various units and items that you want in the kitchen.  We will place key things like, fridges, sinks, waste disposal, ovens, hobs etc.  This first layout will give you a good feel for how well the layout will function.  You should be able to envisage moving between these key things in the kitchen and checking that it all seems to work from a functional perspective.

Kitchen Benchtops

We will next discuss the various benchtop options, and placement of items into those benchtops, and where key appliance will fit in.

Storage and Waste Disposal

There is a vast range of storage and waste disposal options.  The inside of kitchen units and draws these days can have the most amazing fittings.  Its well worth you spending the time to look into these.

Technical issues

We of course have to consider many technical issues and constraints when designing a kitchen.  There are certain safety issues, like not putting an up-stand around a benctop near a hob, or ensuring the right cabling is in place for the hob you have chosen.  Note some hobs draw a lot more power than others, so your existing cables may not suit.  Anyway, this is all the behind the scenes magic we take care of, so don’t worry about that.  The kitchen you will enjoy entertaining in, and preparing food is one thing, we will have thought about hostile environment of steam, heat, water ingress etc, and will make sure the way its designed and installed works day in day our for many years to come.

Tiling, Upstands, Splashbacks etc.

Tiles provide an attractive and easy to clean surface for walls behind benchtops and for floor coverings. At the same time, some prefer upstands, or stainless steel splashbacks.  We will discuss the pros and cons of these.

Floor coverings

Kitchens get heavy traffic and need a robust and easy to clean floor covering. Tiles provide a robust surface but can be cold, so under floor heating may be advisable. Also bear in mind that anything which falls on to them will probably break or cause them to chip. Vinyl provides a good easy to clean surface but it can be damaged fairly easily. Laminate flooring is another option to consider, as is wood and stone. Carpet tiles provide a warmer surface but are not so easy to clean but individual tiles can be lifted and washed or, in extreme cases, replaced. Obviously cost can be a consideration too.


Once everything has been designed, we will order everything to our storage, and then when its all arrived, which is typically a few weeks, we will come to site to install.  Installations can be very quick, but a lots will be going on, so don’t be distressed if it initially seems like chaos.  We can often have a big team of people all working at once.  Please note these people are very experienced, so even if it seems chaotic, they all know exactly what needs to be done.  We will make good the mess and remove everything if you want us to include that in our price.  Some people prefer professional cleaners, some prefer to save money and do a few things themselves.  Just guide us.

Warranty and Support

We don’t aim to be the cheapest, we aim instead to provide something that is designed really well, works and lasts for many years into the future, and is therefore very good value.  The things such as units, drawers, doors etc all come with 10 year warranties so you can rest assured any issues will be resolved.

Ok, hopefully that has given some insight into New Kitchens, and you should be ready to take the next step and get in touch.  We can initially just email or chat on the phone, or you can come and see us, or we can come and visit you.  The latter is often best because we can bring all the samples etc to you, but we can combine the trip with an initial measure up, and examine everything, and make an initial quote too.

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